"Everyone is unique in their counseling needs and I will always strive to create an accepting, caring, supportive and professional counseling environment. One approach doe

s not fit all. " - Tim Welch

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Timothy Welch really individualizes his approach to communication, which I’ve found beneficial in increasing my trust in him. He is able to pinpoint the root cause of issues and provides expert ways to cope with or relieve insecurities. He provides validation, but also assists with irrational thoughts caused by past trauma. I highly recommend him.

- John

Timothy is awesome. It's really important for me to have an un-censored approach to therapy. Sometimes you get screwed up, and there's no sense in beating around the bush for the sake of professionalism. There's no pomp-and-circumstance with Timothy. He's very real and honest. Conversation feels organic, and it works to bring out your issues naturally like that. In the best way, Timothy doesn't feel at all "shrinky".

- Lisa

I've been speaking to Timothy for about 5 months and I can't recommend him enough. He's helped me so much! He genuinely makes you feel like your just talking to a friend. He's a brilliant councillor!

- Emma

Working with Timothy has been great! He’s good at calming my fears and letting me know when I’m on the right track. I feel very heard and understood with him, both of which are important for me.

- G

Tim is super understanding and very down to earth. He knows his stuff, has helped me look at things from a different perspective, and has provided me with actual strategies that can help. I appreciate his support and guidance. I am very thankful for him.

- SW

Timothy is experienced, nurturing, caring and very based in the real world. He was able to understand what I needed quickly, he validated me, and gave me the insight and confidence I needed (very quickly I should add !) to make a very large decision. I am very thankful I found Timothy at that moment in my life !!

- Tom

I have anxiety and insecurities about my marriage and Timothy allows me to express my concerns without fear of judgment. He then points out facts in my situation to help ground me and provides strategies to help alleviate my anxiety. He is responsive and direct and exactly what I need right now to help me work through these issues. I would definitely recommend him to others with similar issues.

- Ken

Tim has been wonderful! I have alot of factors that made me realize that I needed to speak to a counselor and Tim has listened to all of them. He really listens to how you feel and why, he offers tailored advice and expertise to every situation. He has helped me through the most difficult time in my life and I wouldn't have better mental health today without him.

- Brenda

Since I started talking to Tim I feel I have someone I can talk to ,someone who listens to me,someone who understands,someone who I feel ushers me in the right direction and I feel Mr Welch is very patient. A person who empathises and makes me feel he is concerned and caring.

- M

I admire the advice that Timothy provides me. He always has an interesting spin on the situations and always gives me constructive feedback on how are why things are the way they are. He’s encouraging and honest with a great sense of humor. I feel he understands me and my goals.

Timothy Welch has been a wonderful therapist. He listens, takes your lead of how you want the session to go, and respects and honors what your goals are. He is honest, genuine, supportive, and kind. He also provides empathy and clarity in his approach. I highly recommend him to help you through any tough times you are experiencing or as a mentor to help guide you through to reach your goals and provide clarity to the chaos in your life.

- Jill

Tim has been very easy to communicate with and I am excited to start this therapy journey with someone that really gets to know me before immediately giving opinions.

He is amazing. Made me feel comfortable and easy to talk too!! Definitely would recommend!!

- Sally

Tim does an amazing job listening, then challenging your thinking. He keeps it real and won't just tell you what you want to hear, yet is super supportive! If you are new to counseling or a "pro" he'll definitely suit your needs!

- Mike

Tim was an amazing listener and knew the right things to make me discover the reasons. Would totally work with him again.

Timothy is a great listener and offers thoughtful advice and questions to evaluate a plethora of issues. Would see him again in a heartbeat!

I love Tim as a therapist. He always listens and has the best advice. He is very responsive and does his best to understand me and address my concerns and issues. He’s awesome!

Tim is a great therapist and in a short time had changed my life for the better.

- Kimmy